We are one of the largest and oldest distributors of commercial door openings products, solutions, and services in Florida. We offer steel and wood doors, steel door frames, door hardware, keying, electronic security, specialties, pre-installation and installation. Our experience and expertise includes commercial, industrial, multifamily and institutional buildings. This includes healthcare, education, aerospace, and manufacturing, food and beverage and public buildings. As experts in ‘Life Safety and Security’ we bring protection of human life through building codes and standards to our customers and building owners. We are prepared to serve general contractors, facility owners, building managers and architects to meet the buildings design criteria.

  • Division 8 and Division 10 Specialties
  • Architectural Specifications and Design
  • Provide Consulting to Architects and End Users
  • Furnish Commercial Doors and Hardware
  • Install Commercial Doors and Hardware
  • Architectural Products Experts
  • Fire Label Shop
  • Fire Door Inspections
  • Locksmithing
  • Pre Installation Hardware
  • Installation
  • Aftermarket Replacement and Repair



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